Going To University As A Mature Student (Part 3)

Credits towards further learning

(5) Establish what study credit / academic concessions you could receive towards other courses (at the same university) and other institutions on completion. You may want to return again to university to complete other programmes to further enhance your career prospects.

Is this particular programme good value for money?

(6) Considering the above factors, do you believe the programme to be good value for money? Also obtain details of any payment discounts you may receive as a result of completing the first course when applying for another at the same university.

Study to obtain direct benefits to support your job appraisals, pay rises and job promotions

(7) Think about how you’ll use your study to demonstrate commitment to achieve company targets during your annual work-appraisal. Show examples of how you’ve used academic principles to boost work productivity and bring about improvements in the workplace. Determine in advance how your actions and your work improvements could be mapped to securing any pay-rises or promotions (in the future). This assumes you’re happy with an employer knowing about your educational ambitions. In some cases, employers may sponsor part or all of the course fee (within certain subject disciplines or industries) after successfully completing a certain length of work service.

The prospect of more job opportunities

(8) To what extent will this degree, studied at this university, widen the scope of jobs which I can apply for after graduation? (You may seek an internal job promotion after course completion). An online search or contacting the university should reveal this information. Universities keep a vast array of statistics to show how successful their graduates have been, especially in relation to employability. However, the answer to this question can also depend on the composition of subjects studied and the final degree classification awarded. Previous student testimonials may also shed light in this area.

To be continued in Part 4

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