Want To Go Back To University As A Mature Student?

As a mature student (and as a professional), how do I choose a suitable and enjoyable university course that will really enhance my career?

An increasing number in the UK, now embark on undergraduate and postgraduate study in their thirties, forties, fifties as a direct means of career development.

Age often brings greater life-experience and an improvement in personal maturity, that is, enhanced maturity in handling your time, improvements in social skills, better decision making ability and a greater focus in getting things done. These benefits normally feed into better academic performance in older students.  Studying later on in life, well beyond your twenties, still presents its own challenges, such as, managing work commitments and family obligations whilst you study.

Many mature students are compensating for their lack of opportunity to study at a younger age. However, ‘just getting any qualification’ in the process is ‘a waste’ and simply short-changing oneself. It’s important to go much further than this and select a programme that is right for you and gives real dividends in the long-term, especially in your career journey. So how do you select a university degree that you’ll enjoy and that will best enhance your career? The following steps can be used as a guide to find a rewarding study programme to significantly add value to your work life.

We will be running a blog series on this site over the coming weeks, aimed at addressing the different considerations that will equip you to make the right choices if you are in this situation.

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Anna Taylor